Young Jerry Practices for His First Voice Over Job.....In Black And White

Jerry at Metro Radio Newcastle ( or Is it Jason King???) 1978

Jerry in his Cat Stevens Phase - Radio 6 - December 1991

"Oops up side yer head, I said oops up side yer head." - Olau Britannia - Summer 1982

                                                                                  Radio Caroline - January 1986                          Olau Britannia - Summer 1982



Tender!!  Radio Caroline January 1986  Me with David Andrews ( Now on Capital Gold)  Photo: Dennis Jason




                                                                                        Hope the boss isn't surfing. They phoned me... honest guv!         "Say cheese!" - KFM Tonbridge - October 1996



Which radio station do I work for!? Err... umm...



                                                                                         Gram  Library - Radio Caroline - January 1996                              Olau Britannia - Summer 1982


Jerry with an early computer game (known as doing the splits) - Invicta SuperGold - December 1992


Jerry DJs at the Chatham broadcast - Radio Caroline - Summer 1996


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Jerry at TLR 1998 Well Guv!! you should of seen it!!! It must of been at least this big!! And it got away!!


Well Poptastic !!  Mate!! 




  Live on air at TLR  - February 1999                           On the Road  Summer 2002                        TLR's  Production Studio  September 2002


Easter Sunday April 20th 2003  At  South West London's Thames 107.8 Fm



At  The Swallow  Kingston Lodge Hotel   Kingston Surrey  March 2006 



Radio Jackie Mini Poster  September 2005


Captured  Almost Awake On The Overnight Show  October 2006

Still  Managing A Smile Despite No Sign of Coffee........... :o) Radio Jackie Studio One  Jan 2007 


North Norfolk Radio  May 2007

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